Revenue-Boosting Tips For Co-Packing Companies

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Outsourcing pain points in the supply chain are some ways that businesses can streamline production. For example, they can work with co-packing companies. The latter would be responsible for fully cooked ingredients or plant based meat substitutes according to specifications.

Manufacturing can reap massive benefits through this arrangement. They can cut costs on facilities, hiring, and training, while also scaling up to consumer demand. Meanwhile, co-packing companies can expect industry-wide growth. It goes hand-in-hand with the large manufacturer sector’s increasing demand for outsourcing. 

While the benefits to the manufacturing sector are clear, how can your co-packing company boost revenue in a competitive market?

How to Boost Your Co-Packing Business Revenue

Boosting your business revenue starts with building partnerships with other companies like SunLeaf. The food and beverage industry is large, but manufacturing and packing processes are similar. So it’s not rare for a co-packer to work with various companies that sell ingredient supplies.

But finding these ingredient suppliers can be a challenge. That’s where Sunleaf comes in. They can connect you with retailers and suppliers, streamlining the supply chain from manufacturing to final sale. 

Meanwhile, from an operations perspective, it helps to maintain high-quality facilities and services. That involves tightening up your services, from quality assurance to reducing production errors. Doing so will help your business build client trust and secure greater business opportunities. It would then allow your co-packing business to scale up and increase revenue at the same time. 

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3 Ways Partnership Can Increase Sales 

Sunleaf serves as a cold chain manager to coordinate with small co-packer to manufacturers. They connect with the perfect co-packing company that can service their specifications. Likewise, they help co-packing companies find the perfect clients whose needs align with their co-packing facilities and production capacity. As such, Sunleaf can help increase your sales through the following: 

Sunleaf simplifies the sourcing process.

There are various considerations brands make when deciding to source a co-packing provider. They invest plenty of time and resources in research and development, negotiations, production runs, and more. 

Sunleaf simplifies all the behind-the-scenes procurement so you don’t have to. They direct ingredients to co-packing partners (and vice versa) with the same goals. It omits hours of searching for a partner with the right facilities and accreditations. 

Likewise, by connecting like-minded companies across the globe, sourcing brokers can bring in plenty of relevant clients to your business. 

Sunleaf fills gaps in the supply chain.

Each client and product line undergoes a different route. This nuance is extremely important to understand, especially within a cost, harvest, and safety-sensitive food business. Therefore, co-packing services must align with these specifications to produce consistent products. 

But gaps in the supply chain are common, and it can be challenging to find a cost-effective supplier for specific ingredients. In that case, Sunleaf can help your co-packing company connect with Sunleaf ingredient suppliers. These suppliers have undergone robust safety measures to bring the plant-based ingredients from point A to point B, with Sunleaf.

SunLeaf is approved by the FDA, American Frozen Food Institute, and the USDA. The company ensures the highest level of product safety, quality control, and quality assurance. 

Sunleaf reduces costly supply chain errors. 

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There’s a lot that Sunleaf can do for you. But most importantly, they have access to a global network of connections and facilities. These can help even the smallest businesses ramp up to large-scale demand. 

It’s not rare for co-packing companies that specialize in small businesses to shift gears. After all, there is a larger profit margin when working with bigger corporations. 

But adjusting from small-batch orders to producing thousands of products a day can entail costly errors. For example, not having the right facilities for storage and logistics. SunLeaf can help by providing inventory management services and global logistics. They can also provide supply chain traceability—down to the initial harvest. 

These services will allow your company to support high-level production. It would, in turn, increase your marketability in the co-packing and production market. 


Boosting revenue can prove to be a challenge in a supply chain-dependent industry. Nevertheless, you can get ahead of the market by streamlining operations. That involves working with SunLeaf, marketing your services, and building robust Cold Chain Supply relationships.

If you are ready to increase your revenue this way, contact us today for more information.

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