Can Buying IQF Foods Help Save the Planet?

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What is IQF Food?

Frozen Food Distributors

IQF stands for individual quick freezing. This process consists of individually freezing each produce quickly when it is in its best fresh state. This can occur with vegetables, fruits, and meats.

This helps to keep its nutrients and deliciousness even after a year. The taste remains the same as if it were produced on a farm that same day.

While these benefits alone could convince somebody to try IQF, today we’re here to talk about the effects on our world’s environment. If you want to learn more about this, check out the documentary, Kiss the Ground, which inspired the content in this blog.

Food Waste

Imagine you want to make your favorite dinner with your friends and it is days away. You need to shop for the week anyway, so you nab the groceries needed to feed yourself and those at your gathering. When your party comes around, you find out that the majority of your avocados are spoiled.

Ultimately, you throw your avocados in the trash and spend your evening being disappointed about wasting your money and having your plans ruined, as the result of not buying IQF food. This shows how not buying IQF foods can impact your life, but have you ever thought about the consequences of food waste on the environment?

Soil, plants, and climate are connected.

Wasting food increases the number of harmful landfills and other toxins, which can result in sending harsh emissions into the sky, such as carbon. These harsh chemicals also damage the soil, which can speed up the negative consequences of climate change.

Nutrient-Dense Food = Happy and Healthy Bodies = Happy Earth

It’s common to hear that preservatives are bad for us, but pesticides poison our plants, soil, and animals much more dramatically. They decrease the quality and nutrients of food, and in some cases, can increase cancer risk.

IQF foods help freeze these foods quickly, right after being produced to retain the nutrients that we need. It is vital to eat these nutrients so that your healthy bacteria gut can properly digest to function in our everyday lives.

Is it worth buying IQF foods for the environment?

Frozen berries and vegetables in plastic boxes on white wooden background.

Agriculture practices greatly impact our environment. It is important to absorb the harmful carbon dioxide emissions from the sky to the sink of the soil.

Using harsh chemicals on farms will result in no crops or income for farmers.

As stated in the documentary Kiss the Ground, “By 2050, one billion people will be refugees due to soil desertification” Josh & Rebecca Tickell, 2020.

It is important to reflect on your actions, and the impact you are leaving on the world at large. IQF foods do contribute to the agricultural industry in a positive way for the health of others, along with the environment. If you want to increase the quality of your life with high-quality foods, stop wasting food and money. Make sure to click here to see big changes in your kitchen by using IQF foods.

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