Cold Chain Program

At SunLeaf our goal is to be an extension of your Cold Storage Program.  We know you have choices when purchasing your plant based ingredients.  Our service oriented team strives everyday to be the shade for your success.

Our Cold Chain Program leverages a 3-pronged approach:

Sourcing - We purchase directly from domestic and global partners to meet your constant demand for cold chain supply so you can focus on your operations and production.

Warehousing - We store and consolidate your plant-based ingredients. This allows you to preserve your cash flow by managing your finished goods execution.

Logistics - We offer warehouse pick ups of mixed pallets and loads for your convenience. We are able to ship full loads and mixed full loads directly to your ideal location.

Industrial Food

Our domestic and international partnerships allow us to provide a constant flow of ingredients with year-round availability. SunLeaf is the partner of choice for industrial food manufacturers because we prioritize availability for your convenience.


SunLeaf specializes in global distribution to foodservice companies. You can count on SunLeaf to secure, warehouse, and ship your ingredients, based on your unique needs.


SunLeaf brings plant-based ingredients from the fields to your tables through our domestic and global partners. You can rely on our proven process for sourcing, securing, and building a supply chain.

Industrial Food Manufacturers

SunLeaf has been supplying ingredients to the industrial trade for over 40 years.

We source from around the world based on the flow of the harvest. We supply, consolidate, and distribute a wide range of industrial ingredients including IQF fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as ready-to-eat bulk options such as legumes, rices and grains. We also have asceptic fruit fillings and purees.

Our goal is to be an extension of your supply chain. We pride ourselves on being proactive in offering global options to fit your production needs.

Foodservice Distributors

Our warehousing and direct shipments provide you with a convenience of consolidating your ingredients and customization in shipping, according to your needs. We consult with you to secure ingredients before the global harvest to capture the supply before it goes to open market spot buys.

Working with multiple sources around the world gives us the benefit of leveraging the harvest at its peak, and according to Mother Nature’s timing. We will work with you to pre-approve multiple options to keep a steady stream of supply.

While supply and demand is the age-old formula, based on our 3 generations of experience of procurement we strive to work out front for you as much as possible.

Chain Restaurants

Chain restaurants rely on availabilty and consistency to help protect their brand identity.

SunLeaf will help you get ahead of the curve with confidence by globally sourcing, securing, and building a supply chain around your master national distributors.

Protecting your brand is important and we understand that. We partner with chain restaurants every year, supplying their key ingredients and keeping the steady flow of supply at competitive pre-established trade agreement.

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