SunLeafTM Plant Based Foods

SunLeafTM Foods sources conventional and organic plant based ingredients from our domestic and global partners, so you can take advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty.

Ready To Eat & IQF Foods

SunLeafTM Foods’ full product offering includes IQF fruits and berries, fruit fillings, leafy greens, vegetables, vegetable blends, potatoes, herbs, purees & juices, and ready to eat legumes, oats, and grains.

Roasted preparation and custom blends are also available. For your convenience, we offer a variety of packaging options.

View our full product list HERE.

Let Us Help You

SunLeafTM Foods strives to be your partner for all your plant based ingredients. Because items are subject to availability, contact us to find the best time to book your product and any items you don’t see here.

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